8.29.1 Assignment: Module 8 Test Review

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Module 8 Test Review


Student will use the study guide to prepare for the Module 8 Test.

The test will assess that the following objectives have been met:

H.1 – Identify the characteristics of Kingdom Animalia and its various phyla.

H.2 – Identify the internal and external structures of earthworms and perform further examination through a virtual lab.

Test Preparation

A study guide has been created below to help assist you with studying and preparing for the upcoming exam. In addition, make sure to review any questions you missed in the previous lessons. 

Please note that all module content is testable and you are responsible for knowing, understanding and applying the material.

When you are done studying, proceed by reading the statement on the next page and typing your name if you agree with its content.


Remember: You cannot access any pages, lessons, websites, notes, etc. during the duration of the test. Your teachers can view this information which could potentially result in negative consequences. 


Lesson 8.27.1

Recognize the different types of symmetry

Identify the characteristics of Kingdom Animalia

Lesson 8.27.2

Describe how body temperature is regulated for endothermic and ectothermic organisms

Know the structures of vertebrates and their accompanying functions

Explain closed and open circulatory systems

List the functions of the main blood vessels

Summarize the various types of birthing methods

Lesson 8.27.3

Explain homeostasis

Understand the purpose of various types of feathers

Know the structures of a bird and their accompanying functions

List the characteristics of mammals

Differentiate mammalian orders

Lesson 8.27.4

Know the structures of a fish and their accompanying functions

Describe the characteristics of bony fish, jaw-less fish and cartilaginous fish

Lesson 8.28.1

Identify the different layers of the skin

Provide common characteristics invertebrates and give examples of organisms that possess those qualities

Describe the unique features of sponges and how they obtain nutrition

Explain the types of specialized cells

Lesson 8.28.2

List and explain the main tissues of a flatworm

Describe the purpose of a hydrostatic skeleton

Summarize the life cycles of flukes and hookworms

Identify and define the various structures unique to each invertebrate

Lesson 8.28.3

Explain the function of the seminal vesicles

List the differences between the gizzard and the crop

Explain the various contributions earthworms make to the ecosystem

Lesson 8.28.4

Identify the characteristics of arthropods

List the characteristics of arachnids

Understand the three-part digestive system and its components

Identify the characteristics of echinoderms

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